Vendors Registration

Instrumentation Limited, Kota for its various Product manufacturing activities purchases Materials, Components and Sub assemblies. Instrumentation Limited also purchases Complete instruments, accessories as bought out items to meet its System requirements. Total Purchases made are worth Rs. 70.00 Crores.  on  a yearly basis. Suppliers for the required items are spread all over India and World. Instrumentation Limited is thus supported by strong supplier base, which is continually updated.

New suppliers and traders, Who are authorized representatives of the OEM, are being added to the list of existing suppliers to widen the supplier base and to ensure procurement of quality material at competitive prices.

New suppliers may get registered with Instrumentation Limited Kota by submitting completed Vendor Registration Form. Offers from only registered vendors are accepted.

New Vendors & Suppliers

  • Vendor Registration Form (Indigenous Purchase): Download
  • Vendor Registration Form (Ancillary Development): Download

  • Existing Registered Vendors / Suppliers

  • Indigenous Purchase : Download
  • Ancillary Development : Download
  • Foreign Purchase : Download