New Products :


This plant has all facilities for manufacturing of different Steel Tower structures, specialized in the field of Telecom Tower Structures & Power Distribution Structures duly Hot Dip Galvanized.

We also undertake installation of towers & allied products, cable trays & foundation bolts etc.


Where air is to be conditioned with primary consideration of levels of Relative Humidity in department, Humidification Plants are installed.

Apart from many others, following industries essentially require these plants.                                                

The system is dependent on Evaporative Cooling. Air with low R/H is passed through Spray Chamber having water at WBT [Wet Bulb Temperature]. To control the system Fresh Air, Return Air and Exhaust Air Dampers are provided. The temperature in department always remains above WBT.

When the air quantity to be handled is in the range of 35,000 CMH to 75000 CMH only, SELF CONTAINED PACKAGE TYPE HUMIDIFICATION PLANTS are recommended because substantial Civil Work is avoided with the added advantage that the PLANT can be shifted from one place to another.

We manufacture, design and erect Plants according to the custom required needs. Depending upon the nature of need the system is properly designed and the required components are carefully selected. An over capacity designed system may disrupt the work and a lower capacity designed system would not fulfill the requirement.


Improper or poor ventilation results in low production and hazardous working environment. Ventilation is desired for certain Air Changes to remove the process foul smell & fumes, occupancy sweat smell and also provide cooling. Mainly in the following process areas proper and well-balanced ventilation is indispensable:


Cooling Systems are designed for human comfort. Under evaporative cooling the air can be cooled down to wet bulb temperature (WBT). In North India the ambient conditions reach 45C or more, with % RH falling below 10%. With evaporative cooling the room conditions can be brought down to 25C and 55% RH which is best for Human Body and Working Efficiency.