Non Conventional Business

IL after working several years in C&I of Process Industries, Telecommunication , Power Electronic etc. has attained expertise in various areas like Project Management, Installation, Commissioning of various type of instruments. Due to exposure to high tech products of latest technology our technical officials have acquired sound knowledge of latest development in Electronics., Information technology, Computers and computer based applications. In order to utilize this knowledge and supplement the business, IL decided to venture into new areas, which are not related to present business but available expertise, resources and manpower could be utilized. Some of these new areas in to which IL ventured are:

1. Photo Identity Cards:  This area though not related to normal business of company had following essential                                           requirement:

  1. Project Management capability

  2. Educated Manpower for deployment in remote areas.

  3. Knowledge of computer and related application software.

IL had all these available, therefore, it entered in big way when Election commission of India made the PI card compulsory and floated enquiries.  IL was awarded job of PI cards in the State of Uttar Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh. IL executed these job to the satisfaction of Election Commission. Currently also IL is executing the job for the Chattishgarh.   

 2.  Offshore/Marine Instrumentation

 IL entered in to above areas to utilize its Project Management, Installation and Commissioning capabilities to full extent and supplement its business Growth. The main customer in this category is ONGC. IL received the order for Off Shore Instrumentation jobs from ONGC. IL has successfully completed the jobs received earlier. IL has received further orders from ONGC which are currently under execution.