Power Electronics & Energy Conservation Devices

Being in Control & Instrumentation field for several years, it was natural for IL to diversify in related areas of Power Electronics. As a turn-key supplier of C&I system ,IL used to procure and supply UPS system, so efforts were made to enter as manufacturer in this Area. After UPS production was established , energy saving items like Solar Dusk to Dawn Switching System (SDDS) was developed. Electronic Energy meter is also developed and is under BS certification before Commercial launch.

Instrumentation Limited is manufacturing Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) systems for the last 15 years. UPS works are ISO-9001 certified by the renowed certification agency DNV. These UPS Systems are designed with IGBT in Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) technique and Digital Control Technology suitable for wise range of power requirement both for Single and Three Phases. These are highly efficient, reliable, low acoustic noise level with excellent economy in installation and operating costs. The products find wide application from industries to banks, hospitals, insurance sector, computer installations etc. UPS systems manufactured by IL are classified in two categories namely Mini UPS and CVCF UPS.

i) Mini UPS : These UPS incorporate IGBT based PWM design for optimum efficiency for AC/DC conversion and suitable for non-linear loads with built-in Electronic Current Limiting features. These UPS are backed up by maintenance free high quality batteries. The rated capacity available are from 1 KVA to 10 KVA for single phase requirement.

ii) Constant Voltage Constant Frequency (CVCF) UPS : These UPS are available in wide range from 10 KVA to 600 KVA both for single phase and three phase requirement. Use of IPM ensures higher reliability and excellent performance. It guarantees high efficiency of the order of 95% and above and an AC/AC overall conversion efficiency of better than 89% thus rendering substantial reduction in running costs. Being IPM based, UPS, special circuits like commutation circuit are not required and therefore, these UPS are compact and light weight and has a low acoustic noise level. Use of floating battery system caters for no interruptions or fluctuations when commercial power supply fails. These UPS are stable against abrupt variations in the load due to their Pulse Width Modulation feature.

Our UPS products are approved by all major testing houses and technical consultants like ETDC, Sameer, PDIL, EIL, DCL, Desein etc.

State-of-the-art manufacturing facility with dust control PCB assembly and anti static precautions, skilled and qualified professional, quality tests at all stages of manufacturing, full and exhaustive testing facilities of all parameters ensures product of best quality.

Components used are industrial grade, very good quality connectors, push buttons, and wires are used and soldering is done through wave soldering machine. UPS systems are designed for tough Indian environmental conditions, after considering problems being faced by users from other UPS systems.

Sales, Service Centre and Dealer network are spread all over the country, thus making it possible to supply & maintain UPS in any part of India.

DGS&D rate contract: 1 & 2 KVA Online UPS with 20 Minutes Battery back up are also available on DGS&D rate contract.


Solar Photo Voltaic Dusk Dawn switching System is an energy saving device used for automatic operation of street lighting system making proper use of power and increasing the life of pole-lamps for an optimum period. The system is highly reliable and  efficient for years of  flaw-less operation.

The operation is based on sensing the ambient light level which actuates the relay to switch on the street light in the evening and switch off in the morning. The sensor is hermetically sealed, weather proof and maintenance free, thereby ensuring reliability even in adverse atmospheric conditions.  No separate operative time settings for summer or winter are required due to use of Solar Photo Voltaic Sensor. In built protection against Line to Line, Line to Earth and Line to Neutral is provided. The SDDC are available in different ratings from 30 Amperes per phase to 100 Amperes per phase depending upon load requirement.