Security & Surveillance System

In recent past there have been many unnecessary inhumanly terror strikes at many places. Though the cause & motive of the terror is to create sense of insecurity among common people but till now it has not been able to do so and thatís why terrorist have been striking more vigorously at the places which can cause social and economic damage. In wake of the developments it is necessary for all the places, which are crucial to the development of the nation to make necessary precautionary arrangement and to identify & spot the anti-social materials. We are offering the best state of art technology integrated security solutions to Various Govt. organization, Police Department, Buildings of National importance, PSU and many others which will be cost-effective & efficient in operation. We will provide you following:

a) CCTV based surveillance system

b). Electronic access control system

c) X-Ray Screening Solutions
                Baggage scanners
                Mobile Scanners
                Person scanners
                X-ray Van
                X-ray Z-Back scattered Gantry
                Under vehicle scanners with options of number plate recognition system etc.

d) Explosive detection and disposal system.

e) Others
                Perimetric intrusion detection system with or without CCTV camera
                Narcotics detectors
                Hand held metal detector
                Door frame metal detector with or without camera
Bullet Proof Helmet, Bullet Proof Patka, Bullet Proof Jacket, NLJD, Night vision equipments, Xray Viewing system, Bomb suit and other security Equipments etc.

Recently we have supplied Bullet Proof Helmet, Bullet Proof Patka, Bullet Proof Jacket, NLJD, Xray Viewing system,  Bomb suit and other security Equipments to UP PAC and UP Police.