IL started offering computer systems and software to its clients from eighties and offered data acquisition and MIS solutions based on DEC PDP11/34 mini computers. This was followed by HP series mini computer system based installation for Malaysian Electricity Board. Further real time solutions on Digital Systems MicroVAX and Alpha Server Machines were offered to various clients in steel, Petrochemicals and thermal sector. With advance in computer technology and clients needs for better information and integrating MIS with process data, IL started offering client-server architecture based systems on Unix and Windows server, Ethernet based networking systems on industrial grade workstation, Station LAN to cover entire plants, Realizing the immense benefit that mainstream IT solutions can offer IL has ventured into following IT areas:

IL today has presence in several IT fields: 

In ERP, IL is offering systems  based on renowned  ERP products . IL has successfully executed projects in this space leading products in ERP area. This include supply and commissioning of projects based on IFS ERP which is product of Swedish multinational and a pioneer in component based ERP technology. IFS ERP has domain expertise in energy and defense sector. This product was successfully deployed at various customer locations and IL engineer have contributed to implementation of ERP at several customer locations. IL has expertise in implementing turnkey solutions in Thermal Power sector and has carried out additional services like

IL is laying considerable emphasis on promoting m-governance solutions which aim at  harnessing the  ever increasing possibilities made possible by rapid strides in mobile, carrier and wireless technologies for empowering people and help in better monitoring of public services and e-governance  schemes.  M-governance solutions are IT applications that use mobile or wireless to improve Governance service and help to provide information “anytime, anywhere” and thus help the e-governance solutions to function efficiently. These applications offers solution with minimum  capital investment for efficiently monitoring implementation of various schemes like MNREGA (Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act), National Healthcare related schemes , Women and childcare schemes, Monitoring projects in Mining, Transport, Power Plants.

IL is also offering solutions in 3D and PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) software and services that support industrial processes and provide a 3D vision of the entire lifecycle of products from conception to maintenance to recycling. PLM is a next Generation software suite  that integrates  different software  to take care of  all aspects of product.

IL is providing Energy auditing solutions in line with CEA guidelines. CEA recommended package Epsilon is used for mapping of the Power plant. IL also provide customized packages for Performance & efficiency calculations as well as high  end solution  like PADO (Performance Optimization & Diagnostic packages).

Some of the projects executed by IL in IT & e-governance area include: 

1.   UPRVUNL, Parichha (LAN, Hardware, Networking & ERP) 
2.   Customized ERP Implementation Support : RRVUNL, Kota ,Suratgarh 
3.   E-Tendering for Power Grid, PFC, EIL, AAI Delhi 
4.   ERP Implementation support at HAL & Bhilai Engineering Corporation 
5.   Supply of Servers, Workstations, Database, S/W Web Enabled MIS for NTPC Dadri 
6.   IT Project For SIKKIM Government (H/W, S/W supply) 
7.   LAN, Hardware & Networking, Power Grid, Patna 
8.   ERP for REIL, Jaipur 
9.   PADO (performance Analysis Optimization Diagnostics) Software for RRVUNL. 
10. Optimization Package for RRVUNL, PSEB ROPAR, UPRVUNL, OBRA 
11. Optimization software for SAIL Bokaro 
12. BCPL, Mumbai (Networking)+ other systems , 2003,200 Lacs
13. Fiber optic based LAN, BSNL, Bhilai , Patna 
14. Simulator software for Chennai Petro 
15. Operator Simulator software for RRVUNL thermal Plants(Operator Trg Simulator) 2011-12 >800 Lacs
16. Device Emulation, Trending & Archiving software 
17. Real time software packages for Tank Farm Automation 
18. E-Governance,(EPIC card Projects) 1994-2002, UP, Rajasthan, Uttaranchal, Gujarat, Jharkhand Chhattisgarh
19. Training in DCS & IT S/W, NTPC Dadri etc. 
20. OPC Connectivity, Mahagenco, Mumbai, 
21. Supply Servers, workstations PSEB Punjab