* Visionary Leadership and Strategy Workshop for top management.
* Joining of Shri MP Eshwar new CMD of Instrumentation Limited.
* IL marches ahead in area of m-Governance, IT & Consultancy.
* IL celebrated its 45th Company Day.
* IL received Dividend cheque from Subsidiary unit, REIL, Jaipur.
* IL Enters Security Hologram Business.
* Interactive Session conducted with Officers of IL Palakkad.
* Interactive Session conducted with Officers of IL Kota.


Building on its presence in real-time software solutions, ERP and e-governance field, IL has taken initiative to extend its offering in field of mainstream IT solutions.  These include diverse areas ranging from areas of national importance to introducing latest state of the art solutions in various sectors.

IL is now offering innovative  M-governance solutions which aim at  harnessing the  ever increasing possibilities made possible by rapid strides in mobile, carrier and wireless technologies for empowering people and help in better monitoring of public services and e-governance  schemes.  M-governance solutions are IT applications that use mobile or wireless to improve Governance service and help to provide information “anytime, anywhere” and thus help the e-governance solutions to function efficiently. These applications offer solution with minimum capital investment for efficiently monitoring implementation of various government and monitoring projects in Government departments, Mining, Transport, Power Plants.

IL is also offering solutions in 3D and PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) software and services that support industrial processes and provide a 3D vision of the entire lifecycle of products from conception to maintenance to recycling. PLM is a next Generation software suite that integrates different software to take care of all aspects of product.

Another important initiative in IT for energy sector involved providing Energy auditing solutions by IL which is in line with CEA guidelines. CEA recommended package Epsilon is used for mapping of the Power plant. IL also provides customized packages in area of energy management, lifetime monitoring and Energy conservation like  Performance & efficiency calculations, IT based  maintenance solutions for Power Plants   as well as high  end solutions  like PADO (Performance Optimization & Diagnostic packages).

IL is also offering Learning management systems to educational institutions and also addressing areas like capacity build up, Training  & Skill development in IT area.


IL is entering the field of high security Holograms with track and trace technology for various applications. This will ensure that the products on which such holograms are pasted are tracked till the retail sale. They will have all the futuristic security features which will prevent any kind of tempering and fraudalant misuse.

Orders in Pipeline


In Steel Sector, the horizon of work area had been widened by booking orders having process piping/equipment work alongwith traditional C&I work. This is being achieved in association with Business Associates and orders were booked for On-line Ladle Purging system at Durgapur Steel Plant, for Gas Mixing Stations at VSP, JSW Bellary and SAIL IISCO Steel Plant – Burnpur. The order was also received for replacement of  Askanish Hydraulic The Hydraulic controller with new compact hydraulic controller.

We have also booked the order for Stove Up-gradation for BF#5, Bokaro Steel Plant & Replacement of PLC for Bottom charging & BLT. These were shut down jobs and show the trust reposed in us by M/s SAIL. This project has been commissioned in the month of April, 2012 and is under observation.

Presently various R&M jobs are in pipe-line in Steel sector which include  C&I package for sinter machine #1 & total automation of Pump house#1 for Blast Furance of BSL,  total Electrical  & Automation system of BF at VSP, centralized Data Acquisition System  at RSP, Replacement of PLC based control system for 02 Turbo compressor in Bokaro Steel plant, Design, Engineering, Supply, Erection & Commissioning and Up-gradation of BF#1  including Stoves and replacement of PLC system of BC/BLT of BF#1 of BSL, Coke Oven Battery Renovation in Bhilai Steel Plant.

Bhilai Steel Plant had decided to build a new Normalising Furnace indigenously and IL was selected to supply the Automation & Instrumentation System. The system is now working on full load and M/s Bhilai steel plant has decided to modify the Automation and Instrumentation system in their existing Normalising Furnace as per the new Furnace for which the order is expected to be received in this financial year.

Major Orders received

A) Thermal Power Plants

1) IL receives order from UPRVUNL for R&M of Unit #1 &2 of  Paricha TPS. Order value Rs. 505.69 Lacs.
2) IL receives order from UPRVUNL for Obra TPS . Order value Rs. 430.00 Lacs.

3) IL receives order from RRVUNL  for  Giral TPP. Order value Rs. 108.25 Lacs.
4) IL receives order from BHEL Banglore for supply of 208 nos LIE and 168 nos LIR for Korba, Farakka 
    and Dadri Projects. Order value Rs. 362 Lakhs.
5) IL secures Station Control & Instrumentation order from RRVUNL for Chhabra TPS 
    Unit 3 & 4 - 2x250MW. Order value Rs. 3325 Lakhs.
6) IL secures LIE/LIR order from Emerson Process Managerment India for NTPC Simhadri TPS Units 
   Stage-II - 2x500MW. Order value Rs. 180 Lakhs.
7) IL receives orders from RRVUNL for providing assistance in operation of Thermal Power Plants at 
   195MW Unit # 7 of STPS, Kota and 250MW Unit # 1 of TPS, Chhabra. Order value Rs. 6.37 Crores.
8) Order dated 23/06/2009 from BHEL, Bangalore for supply of LIE/LIR for Jhajjar, Simhadari,Ennour & 
    Bongaigaon projects. Order value Rs. 3.10 Crores. 

B) Power Transmission & Distribution
1) IL receives order from UPPCL for construction of 220 KV substation,at Sirsaganj, UP. Order value Rs.  
2) IL receives order from REC PDCL  for Third party Inspection, monitoring and Supervision  works of RGGVY works in Uttarakhand. 
    Order value Rs.196 Lacs
3) IL Recieves order for Third party Inspection, monitoring and Supervision  works of RGGVY works, in MPPKVVCL, Jabalpur (MP). 
    Order Value is Rs. 6 crores
4) IL receives order from REC for RQM in the state of Punjab.
C) Steel and Other Process Industry

01) IL receives order from Bokaro Steel Plant of BF#5 charging system of Rs. 174 Lacs.
02) IL receives order for Supply of Control Valves, Bhushan Steel Plant worth Rs. 114 Lacs.
03) IL receives order from Durgapur Steel Plant for Condensation Plant worth Rs. 50.42 Lacs.
04) IL receives order from Bokaro Steel Plant for Up gradation of Stove of BF#5 worth Rs. 612 Lacs.
05) IL receives order from Bhilai Steel Plant for New Normalizing Furnace worth Rs. 323.23 Lacs.
06) IL receives order for IISCO GMS worth Rs. 240.76 Lacs

07) IL receives order from RINL for Visakhapatnam Steel Plant. Order value Rs. 653.00 Lacs.

08) IL receives order from Jindal Steel for their Bellary Project. Order value Rs. 520.00 Lacs.

09) IL receives order from PWIPL for Hot Stove BF3 VSP Vizag Project. Order value Rs. 106.33 Lacs.

10) Order dated 29/5/2009 from ONGC, Mumbai for Structural Modification for 27 Well-head Platforms of Mumbai High 

     Asset for deployment of Modular Rig. on turn key basis.  Order value Rs. 142.10 Crores.

11) Order dated 24/7/2009 from Mahanagar Gas Limited, Mumbai for providing Inspection services (Level-I & Level-II) for 

     MGL offices / projects across Mumbai.  Order value Rs. 3.80 Crores.

12) Order secured from Bhilai Steel Plant of SAIL for supply of E&C. Order Value Rs.206 Lacs


D) Railway Signalling

1) IL receives order from SEC Railway Bilaspur. Order value Rs. 126.14 Lacs.

2) IL receives order from Southern Railway Palghat. Order Value Rs. 112.07 Lacs.

E) Communication Tower

1) IL secures order from BSNL, BHOPAL for Communication Towers. Order Value Rs. 484.00 Lacs.

2) IL receives order from BSNL (AP Cirlcle) for supply of 255 nos Communication Towers. This is the single  largest order received by IL for communication Towers. Order Value Rs. 1363.00 Lacs.


F) Railway Wagon Slide Panel

1) IL receives order from West Central Railway for supply  of BOXN Railway Wagon Slide Panel. This the first order received by IL for this item. Order Value Rs. 254 Lakhs.


G) Telecommunication

1) IL has secured Orders dated 28/10/2009 from BSNL CGMTS, Kolkata for supply of AN-RAX and MAX-XL items. Order Value Rs. 186 Lakhs.


H) Switch Board Cabinets (SBC)

1) Prestigious order from RCF, Raebareli for supply of Switch board Cabinet. Order Value Rs.347 Lacs


I) m-Governance, IT and Consultancy

1) Order from MVVNL, Lucknow for consultancy work in Unnao district. Order Value Rs.46 Lacs
2) Order from APDCL, Guwahati for IT consultancy for Central Customer Care Centre. Order value Rs.78 Lacs
3) Order from APDCL, Guwahati for Project Monitoring and Supervision for field works. Order Value Rs.412 Lacs


J.1) ERP, e-Tendering & Information Technology Products

1) IL receives order from UPRVUNL , Paricha TPS for ERP implementation Rs. 88.20 Lacs..

2) IL receives order from Airports Authority of India for E-Tendering process implementation.

3) IL secures prestigious order from RRVUNL for ERP implementation support at Kota & Suratgarh TPS.

4) IL continues to secure orders for e-Tendering. Latest order is received from Powergrid Corporation of India. Earlier orders were from PFC, AAI etc.


J.2) IL enters into field of e-Tendering, secures first order from Airport Authority Of India

Instrumentation Limited is now offering a ready to use electronic tendering solution which specifically addresses the practices followed in tendering by Government controlled companies. To make e-tendering services affordable, IL owns & administers a dedicated portal to offer e-tendering services to clients on a turnkey basis. This unique delivery model ensures No Capital expenditure, NIL Gestation period and Nominal charges on ‘Pay-as-you-use’ basis and compliance to CVC guidelines.  The product also offers unmatched security and configurability coupled with ease of use. With a view that users gain adequate familiarity with the product, the product is deployed in a phased manner.  When a client makes use of the portal, all the administrative controls on sensitive information shall vest with the client.  The Software has been independently tested by VeriTest, the largest independent testing agency in the world and is the only e-tendering software in the world which is listed in ‘Microsoft Windows Server - Catalog of Tested Products’ under the category e-tendering.

The Electronic-Tendering System is a true E-Tendering product and is result of more than eight years of development by Electronic-Tender Pvt. Limited, which is company setup specifically for this purpose.  

1) IL has recently secured order for e-tendering from  Airport Authority of India and the product is being used by   Delhi Metro, LIC and several other government companies.

"IL secures prestigious order for e-tendering from Power Finance Corporation, a Navratna PSU under ministry of Power. The E-tendering solution by IL provides a framework where both clients and vendors can reduce their costs, remove unnecessary administration ,  streamline the overall tendering process and adhere to government guidelines for e-tendering. To make e-tendering affordable and attractive the solution is offered in a model that ensures No Capital expenditure, NIL Gestation period and Nominal charges on ‘Pay-as-you-use’ basis "  

K) Humidification, Ventilation & Cooling Systems

"IL receives first prestigious order from M/S NEW BHOPAL TEXTILE MILLS, BHOPAL (A Unit of NTC, A Govt of India Enterprise) for Design, Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Humidification System. Scope of Work includes Ducting, Electrical Work and Civil Work required in Blow Room and Winding Department. 

IL has recently introduced the Humidification system in its product range and expects many more order to follow soon"

Presentation conducted by Prof. EV Swaminathan at IL Township.